Sunflower & Wild Flower Bed

2021 has been a cold spring, there was frost well into April making me and the plants feel like it was never going to warm up! Not to be deterred by the cold wet weather I took the opportunity to complete the sunflower and wildflower bed. This was a big job because the ground put up a real fight, there was no way I could dig it so I had to blast water to break up the dirt, this made a mud hole! Embedded in the mud were some very big rocks so they of course were used as stepping stones in the path. Once all the ground was turned I amended it with compost and sea soil.

I had already started the sunflowers indoors but when I went to transplant them no matter how gentle I was the stems broke. Then I learned sunflowers don’t transplant easily and are better off grown in compostable pots or sown directly. No worries, I got some transplanted and more sown. To keep the deer out I planted a lavender hedge and will add more herbs in pots as a deterrent. So far so good, the plants haven’t become deer snacks!

I planted rose campion, yarrow and anemone just to have something in the ground while I wait for the wild flower and thyme seeds to germinate. I really want both beds to be for the pollinators. Along with the sunflowers there are dahlia tubers from last year and in a few weeks I will plant some vine vegetables, all in all it was worth the effort, I love this new bed!

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  1. Sheri says:

    Looks amazing Heather! Such a big job but so rewarding. I look forward to seeing how it looks once it’s completed and full of amazing plants!


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