Winter to early Spring 2020


Daffodils emerge in January 2020

I consider winter a garden season too! I might not be able to get out there and dig but I enjoy the season none the less. Our winters in Powell River are quite mild, the kill frost is usually around the end of December, but generally we go down to about minus 5 degrees, not too bad. Winter is a great time to take a look around the garden and see what worked and what I want to change, add, edit, move or buy!

Winter is also a time to get out and have fun. The region had back to back wind storms causing driftwood to wash up on the shore of Powell Lake at Mowat Bay, just down the street from where we live. We took the truck and brought back a load of wood to use in the garden.

It was fun picking wood for the garden! February 2020.

Once its warm enough to be outside its back to work, late winter to early spring was a good time to clean up more ivy. Our back yard was covered in ivy, it went way up the trees, I like ivy but not when it becomes invasive. Its an ongoing battle, I won’t pull all of it because its a good ground cover for small animals. It just needs to be kept in check! This is also the time of year to mix compost into the soil, I have a container of coffee grinds, egg shells, tea leaves and banana peels, great worm food!


Winter makes way for spring and the gardening season officially begins! Here re some pictures leading up to spring 2020.

I love watching the new plants as they pop up for another growing season!


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