The Year of the Seed

Lilac Hill is a big garden and it needs lots of plants so why not try to grow some from seeds collected from the garden and given to me by other gardeners. I have to admit I have always been more of an instant gratification gardener all too willing to dish out big dollars to have mature instant gardens. I want Lilac Hill to be a slow garden, so now I will take the time to grow plants from seeds.

If Monty Don can grow plants from seeds so can I! I am no Monty Don, I don’t have a proper area to cultivate seeds, I don’t have any grow lights, under pad heating or a greenhouse. I just have window sills. Willing to give it a go I planted thistles, lupin, poppies, wild sweet peas, and Rosemary cuttings. I saved some of the seeds to directly sow into the ground in the spring as don’t think my success rate is going to be very high!

All I can do is keep everything moist and the rest is up to the seeds, wish me luck!

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