Expanding the Garden

I am so used to gardening in a small space it has been a challenge for my brain to garden bigger. One morning I looked out of my kitchen window to realize I made the back garden bed too small. An expansion was in order! Lucky for us we have an endless supply of rocks both big and small to make the border. I dug every rock myself and they are all unique and so interesting.

My plan was to move the peonies into the new expanded area into full sun. They still did well under the canopy of the tree in part-shade but I felt they would soon be too crowded. Now I can add lots more peonies as they are a plant deer don’t eat. I was able to get a root of the peony ‘Bowl of Beauty’ from a friend’s garden so I hope it comes up. Once the stones were in place I turned the ground and added lots of compost and the well rotted chicken poop I got last summer. My overall goal for Lilac Hill is to be a bird and bee haven.

‘Bowl of Beauty’ in my friend’s garden, we always want the plants we don’t have!

All the roses, phlox and lilies are in pots on the big sundeck did really well. I was thrilled to see Swallowtail butterflies enjoying the nectar in the garden. More butterfly plants including host plants for the caterpillars are in the plans. The newly expanded bed filled out nicely.

The summer of 2020 was a fun combination of caring for the plants and creating space for more plants! Here are some pictures from this time:

The rest of the summer saw the hosta pen almost completed, more work along the top of the hill making an area to throw more rocks, we built a new garden box for spring bulbs, I bought some new clematis for a bargain to climb in the wire in the hosta pen, and my fall asters bloomed the colour I painted my lilac garden boxes, a funny and lovely coincidence.

I just love this garden its a place we can go to and forget all that’s going on in the world. As fall and winter approach I have time to plan all we want to do in 2021! Up coming projects include a new garden she-shed, expansion of the front garden beds, removing all the grass from around the house, creating a crescent-shaped berm for more pollinator plants including a sunflower and lavender bed. Lots to do! Until then I am watching episodes of Monty Don’s Gardener’s World on BBC for even more inspiration!

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  1. carolee says:

    You are industrious! The she shed sounds like a fun project. I sure love mine, as it gave me get-away, private space last year during Covid. Even this winter, on “warmer” days, I can go out, put on the tea kettle, light my little German smoker that is a gardener, and read my journals or create new ones. I think this spring, I will set up my easel out there for some painting under the front overhang. Have fun in the coming season.

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    1. Apologies to you for replying so late, thank you for your kind comments and I look forward to reading your posts too, Heather


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