About Lilac Hill

Welcome to the website dedicated to the creation of my garden Lilac Hill. Purchasing this 1/4 acre property in the fall of 2018 was very exciting, we loved the house located in the picturesque area of Mowat Bay, Powell River and the site had great potential for a really spectacular garden! This is the 3rd garden I have created, the first was in Maple Ridge, BC and its history is on my Tea in the Garden website at https://wordpress.com/view/petalpusherblog.com. The second garden was in Chilliwack, BC and it was featured on the Chilliwack Rotary Tour summer 2017. You can see this garden at https://wordpress.com/view/heatherawebb.com Garden on Tour in the menu.

I am very proud of these gardens and many of the plants from both gardens were dug up and moved to Lilac Hill, they are my family!

Lilac Hill has been an eye opener! There is no soil on the site as the house is built on a rock quarry. As I dig up the endless rocks I use them to outline the beds. I have to give credit to my husband Terry for creating all the lovely structures, including a hosta area and raised garden boxes.

This home page is photos of the plants in their glory and the menu at the top is the year to year journey the garden is taking us on! Enjoy!

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